Current Version: 1.9.63
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Arcade and Action
V1.9.63 update:
1.New Items: Hero Experience Card will give your hero a large amount of Exp!
2.New Event: The mining event is back with greater rewards hidden in treasure chests!
Treasure chests can hold rewards like: Beast Master, Hero Experience Cards, Troop Replenishment Cards, Heraldry and more.
3.Beast Master hero: For a limited time you will also receive a large experience card when your buy him!
4.Testing: New board game experience tested in Tower


Age of Warring Empire, one of the most highly praised online multiplayer strategy game available.

★The #1 Android online strategy game
★The #1 Grossing Game on Google Play in 20 countries
★With over 10 million downloads from around the world

★Build an Empire
★Gather resources
★Upgrade buildings and defenses
★Raise customizable armies
★Hire upgradeable Heroes to lead troops into battle
★Invade rival Empires to expand territory
★Make alliances with other players
★Become the most renowned leader the world has ever seen

★Defined Graphics: Integrated 3D technology provides a clear visual experience as players find new ways to wage war
★Involved Combat: Combat gameplay provides a fun and addicting way for players to level-up armies and heroes while expanding an Empire
★ In-depth Upgrades: Upgradeable buildings, defenses, armies, and heroes provide an in-depth experience that allows players to create an Empire unlike any others
★Player vs. Player: Scarce resources and rewards for victories pit players against one another and those with the best strategy wins

★ “Just want to let you know how great this game is. If you don’t think you are into strategy games this one will change your viewpoint. Give it a try it will be worth it I promise.”
★ “This is really addictive and complex. Best strategy game I have ever played on my phone! Really recommend trying this!”
★ “Very successful game with players from all around the world! Meet and make a lot of friends instantly and become part of a growing family.”

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NOTE: A network connection is required to play

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Age of Warring EmpireAge of Warring Empire

Age of Warring Empire 1.9.63