Recent Version: 1.7.2b Needs Android
one.6 and up
Category: Arcade & Action
Dimension: 14M
What is in this version:
Potential advancement will carry on with the open resource venture Beats2
Last Beats 1.7.2b – Changeset [r17]
– Android 4.x ICS assistance (tested on CyanogenMod nightly ten)
– Doubled all speed multipliers usefulness, make sure you alter your settings!
– Fixed bug delete zip
Graphics- Updated to V6.2.1
AdMob- Immersion MOTIV Haptic Effects updated to v3.five.39.3
– Up to date Localytics
– Updated all translationFacts: Most well-known music rhythm
game! Beats is StepMania / DDR / osu! for Android!StepMania / DDR / osu! for Android

This is the Final version of Beats. If you wish to try out out any older version. Potential growth will continue with the open resource venture Beats2.

“Beats, Superior Rhythm Game” is a music-based mostly rhythm game for Google Android phones / products. Press arrows to the beat of tunes StepMania / Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) style or tap circles osu! / Ouendan / Elite Beat Agent (EBA) fashion!

Beats comes with 10 sample songs, but there are Hundreds of totally free obtainable for download by way of stepfiles the “Download Tunes” menu item. Beats at present does NOT create stepfiles for the music on your telephone This Will be additional in the potential.

Beats at the moment supports consumer-created stepfiles in StepMania 3.9 “. sm” format, Dance With Intensity v2.50.00. “dwi” format, and experimental osu! v5. “osu” format. Far more formats and gameplay modes will be extra in the future .

Beats2 game modes will consist of Pump It Up, Taiko no Tatsujin, DJ Max / Beatmania IIDX, Tap Tap Revolution (TTR), Guitar Hero, Project DIVA and other rhythm game gameplay styles!

Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game 1.7.2b FINAL