Trigger Dead is a fun and awesome game, Doom style, personally, where kill zombies everywhere and bloody ways possible. Hours and hours of fun with good graphics and gameplay really good.

Trigger Dead puts you in an apocalyptic world where civilization as we know it is over, as in the series The Walking Dead. The world economy to collapse, money has no value, chaos reigns and the people have risen against the authorities. But a strange virus has spread around the world and millions of people have lost their lives and have become ferocious zombies who just want to kill. Now only a few have survived to this virus and have only one way to stay alive is to kill the horde of zombies that are found throughout the city.

Main features of Dead Trigger

Enjoy stunning graphics with advanced lighting effects.
Environment and scenarios 100% in 3D, with a high level of detail rarely seen in a mobile game.
A complete live soundtrack, incidental music in high quality 3D.
The animation of the characters has a high quality motion capture.
Intuitive controls.
Ragdoll effects and spectacular water simulation (Only Tegra 3).
You can follow the story with various levels or unlimited random missions.
Lots of super realistic weapons (laser Amputator, chopping blade, primers, mines, grenades, explosives trimmers, radars and other bloody weapons and gadgets).
You can test your creativity to kill the zombies, a lethal head shot, shoot tips or wherever you want.
Receive free updates constantly, with new weapons, new characters, new gadgets and new missions. Everything from the new online service MADFINGER games.

This application has not been tested with Sony Ericsson mobile devices, could present some problems.

There’s no excuse to hang boring, dive into this bloody, apocalyptic world of Dead Trigger and kills zombies ad nauseum.

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