Current Version: 1.4
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Arcade & Action
V1.4 update:


Mankind! Unidentified giants to counterattack.

Go destroy humanity to the brink of driving the giant suddenly appeared.

Had numerous weapons of mankind, but in any attack in front of a giant play because in a moment of mankind so powerless.

Surviving mankind eventually, can not exceed a height of 100 meters, the walls of the giant, making themselves trapped in a cage instead of outside the walls fit the changing world of freedom and survival.

On the other hand, dreaming of a world without giant withstood going day-to-day got a hope for mankind.
Absolute could not kill the giant’s body had been found by investigators.

Mankind the research at the end of a long time in the body of a giant, extracting decision.
Attacks by enabling regeneration in the fight between giants beyond the energy rises from the decision of a giant reproducibility of the cause, but, ironically, the Giants lead to death.

Humanity following a decision made by cutting the last of the human race [weapons] giants are determined to resist him.
September 17, 475 day] of [mankind counterattack set went into a full-scale counterattack.

You’re now in charge of the walls of the northern region was
Using the last of the human race [weapons], researching and processing the decision to acquire a giant fending expel the giants the giants should find a way to save mankind.
Freedom outside the walls of the world depends on your hands now.

Giant Rush (Giant Rush)Giant Rush (Giant Rush)Giant Rush (Giant Rush)

Giant Rush (Giant Rush) 1.4