GO Launcher EX 3.19 is much like ADW Launcher EX, and not just the names of the applications!
That said, this pitcher is much more than just a clone. One of its main advantages is that it is based on our Android capabilities for low power consumption.

If you use ADW, Go Launcher Ex 3.19 will not catch you by surprise, at least apparently. You have to dig a little deeper into the settings to know everything you can Go Launcher EX 3.19.

GO Launcher EX 3.19 Download


• Viewing the Configuration
• Display settings
• Dock Settings
• Date of storage.
• Function Settings
• Advanced
• Theme Settings

Enter to specify all the details would take a long time (and it would be pretty boring) so I will focus only on the essential:

In display settings we can hide the status bar for Android, enable / disable mobile background when we move. We can also organize according to how many fit in our screen, we have these sizes: 4×4, 5×4 or 5×5. 5X5, this is very useful if you use the app on a tablet.
You could set a transition effect of the screen when we move across the screen, a feature very elegant that will surely impress your colleagues iPhone 😉
We can add up to 30 home screen.

In Dock settings we can choose the design you want and the number of pages of dock and a large function that notifies the number of unread messages and missed calls.

Regarding this storage date relates to applications. We can set our own background, change the classification. We can hide applications, can be useful for those with “Bloatware” installed on your phone.

Advanced settings are useful if you want the system to close the launcher, which means you never have to wait for the home screen to reload. This also means that another application will close when the system is low on memory.

As for the themes can be configured and downloaded from the settings of “issues”. This function shows how an application can be customized. There are many topics to choose from and if you are inspired, you can even design your own theme.

All settings I mentioned can be saved and recalled.

Apart from all the applications are also two tabs at the top of the screen in the application list: Recent applications and active applications. Usamosla last to close all your applications, or rather NOT USE I can not recommend this feature because the pitcher does not do a very good job and ultimately may harm our Android.
Finally, I also like that we can change the size of the widget, as with Motorola Motorblur.

GO Launcher EX 3.19 Download