This GPS application called Google Maps Navigation is for me the best GPS for Android, perhaps that is what google is doing a lot of quality.

One of the things that draws the attention of Google Maps is that you have the option of showing the buildings and monuments in 3D, at least I do not use this option, but one must admit that is very good, and I’m sure many people focuses better this way. Another thing to me for example I love about this GPS is that you can move around the map without problems, to see how the way you have to follow, and when you’re done, just give you a button that appears and makes you automatically to the position where your vehicle.

You can zoom the camera, this comes in handy. Another advantage of Google Maps Navigation is offline so you can see all the maps, this comes in handy when you want to know the streets near you are looking for and do not want to activate the GPS, or just telling a friend where a street.

And I like me and you will surely please all do not take even 10 seconds to calculate the route, how wonderful. As always I leave you a video that you see with your own eyes.

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