Once upon a time, exactly ten years ago, October 29, 2002, the stores had the first available version of the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City , this was a version for the Playstation 2. The game was a phenomenal success and brought their developers millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of copies sold. Even now, a decade later, it is still fun to play. And the other day, all of a sudden, as if specially for the tenth anniversary of the game, the company Rockstar Games announced the porting Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the most popular at the moment handheld platforms – Android and iOS . The game will get on our smartphones almost intact. Enough time has passed that now and phones based on Android to pull a full three-dimensional game with open world and dozens of characters, simultaneously acting on the screen. For no part of the chart, or on the part of the gameplay, players will not be prejudiced in Android. Even the music of the many radio stations will move to smartphones.

So, as an Italian Mafioso named Tony Verchetti, the player arrives in Vice City – a city that is in color and the atmosphere is very similar to the Miami sun. Here in Port Tony had a deal, exchanging money for a lot of heroin. But the deal fell through, and the money and goods taken away local bandits. Now, Tony must immediately return the missing money or he does not take down the head.

Even if you did not play particularly in this part of the GTA , you can easily imagine what the gameplay.Gameplay before us a classic game series – a three-dimensional TPS open living world, variability of passage and freedom of action, it is a real classic sandbox.

But it is a  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a set of features that are only here for the first time or only appeared in this game series. These include even the location – it’s 1982, where vintage hot resort Vice City appears in all its glory. Of all the games in the series released this city truly unique atmosphere. In addition, it is in this game series first appeared flying in helicopters and large-scale use of boats and other water equipment.  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was announced recently, and deadline for leaving her as a surprisingly close – the game will be available soon, in late November. Once that happens, you can downloadGrand Theft Auto: Vice City on our site. Stay tuned!

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


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