Exciting game, from the creators of Sprinkle, Granny Smith arrives, where a lovable grandma defend his garden thieves pursue apples and everywhere on his skates.

Granny Smith (if we translate is Granny Smith, but that also means a type of green apple, which are the same ones that appeared the game), is an old woman who will not hesitate to put on the skates and get out through their crops to trap these pesky apple thieves. But persecution is the most exciting part of the game, not only in apple orchard will also be made in the barn and in various urban settings.

Main features of Granny Smith

The goal is to achieve, in each scenario, the three blocks before the catch the thief and all the coins you can along the way.
You can redeem the coins you collect for helmets, baseballs to throw at the thief or bananas to drop when you go ahead and slip the thief.
Amazing stunts, the lovable grandma will demonstrate an enviable physical prowess during the persecutions, jump through the various obstacles that appear along the way, incredible jumps in their fun on skates, using his cane to hold onto power lines using them tirolinas like.
Spectacular visual effects, you’ll see everything through a zoom, like you’re in a three dimensional world.
Repetitions vintage, you’ll see your replays old movie style, with fun effects and slow motion.
As you progress you can unlock two more characters to choose from: Scruffy and Stanley.

Enter this fun action game, speed and Persecution; Become Granny Smith and catch the thieves apples.

Granny Smith Free Game Download

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