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Most people know WhatsApp. An application that lets you send free messages, as it does on the Internet. Well, there is more life after WhatsApp. Kakaotalk is an application which is also based on communications from the telephone number of the terminal. Kakaotalk generates an identification number that allows access to the service. This service not only allows sending messages to contacts in the phonebook. With Kakaotalk mass can create conversations between several people. No matter what you have added or not the contact list.

Kakaotalk is free and available for iPhone (iPhone and iPod Touch too) and Android. As we said before, Kakaotalk generates code once the application is installed. This means that if you change your phone number remains the information you have in your application. As WhatsApp, Kakaotalk searches the address book and detects those with the application. Thus Kakaotalk contact list is created automatically. And you can talk to multiple contacts at once. That is, create group conversations.
With Kakaotalk people can be added directly from the group conversation. You do not need your phone number. You just have to send a friend request and wait for the other user accept it. This application can also share pictures or videos and send cards. An interesting option in this application is that it can be password protected. That is not always be open.

The contact list can be modified. You can remove or block contacts whenever you want. Another unique feature is that the chat room can be personalized with the image you prefer. Also buddy lists can be exported to other phones. The user can send to your email entire contents of a conversation in the chat.

Kakaotalk, is another option at the time of instant communication access. On a mobile Internet connection. And of course with friends that have this application.










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