In Little Empire main thing is to build our empire, gathering resources such as food or building to build the city, manage our city-style as we like Sim City. And not only that, it also includes issues of strategy and war in the game, having to produce units battle to defend the empire and attack our enemies. That’s not all, being a complete game for Android, we only need to mention RPG features, including the ability to keep improving our hero with each new level you go up.


little empire for android

Each rule has a hero choice, choosing (at the beginning of the game) from three different options – maybe you could use more variety of luxury to the game – that hero will support us in the battles of Little Empire with special abilities. Combat in the game is one of the things that most caught my attention, since it is not just send your troops to fight and receive a text report with the results … we fight the battle ourselves with wit, the fighting is game-like Plants vs. Zombies.


combat in little empire

With all these options Little Empire becomes an unforgettable game, anyway Are you bored with the game? Perhaps knowing that all of the above we do it online, playing with our friends and gamers around the world and can make alliances or invade your enemies to steal resources, make them work for you … Little Empire give us that spark becomes addicted.

However a big disadvantage is that the game is free, freemium is a title, meaning that you can download free Little Empire from the Android Market, but the game has additional benefits for those who wish to pay (reminds me a lot all facebook games, all equal and this mechanism). This causes inequality between the players and those who do not want to spend real money will be in real disadvantage.

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