As the two great players that we have already discussed that exist in Android from almost when we all had a magic such as Rock Player or MoboPlayer.

This time I have to touch one not used to recognize that we consider making this special reviews. This is Mx Video Player, and now I can say it has become my bedside player, no doubt. Without detracting from the other players, are the details and its greater integration with Honeycomb what made me make that decision.

mx android video player
Decoding multicore optimized for tablets

Like virtually all the players we have spoken has a large catalog of free codec download anything else we should install the application. A very important point is that MX Player has enabled multi-core decoding, contains codecs and rendering engine optimized for ARM processors like neon and Nvidia Tegra 2. I’ve tried in the latter, on an Asus eee Pad Transformer with an excellent result.

The interface, so setup and playback is fully optimized for tablets. That is, it looks good using the touch screen space and is sized. Not like the Mobo Player that we must strive to use menus are implemented only for Smartphone, as we mentioned in his analysis.

Mx player codec configuration
Management and reproduction subtitles with gestural actions

an important point in favor is the subtitle management and compatibility with a wide range of formats (. Sub, Srt, Txt, Mkv sub track). The player itself looks for your file system that we all videos and shows their captions if the same name as the video file. We can also load it from another file, goodbye to the tedious task of having to carry the series and put identical names. Another point is to configure the appearance of the subtitles, size, activate, deactivate or change tracks during playback.

As for the video display little to add. Fulfills its role perfectly gestural controls added quite useful as the zoom control, volume, brightness or advance touching different part of the screen.

mx android video player

The downside comes from the incursion of advertising, although developers understand: you have to monetize. There paid version for a few euretes. Calm down, advertising is not invasive and only appears in the list of videos and when we pause playback. And if you use the tablet like me when you travel and you have no connection or intermarries.

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