Google has a whole kit of official applications for all our needs. Most of us already use most of them, but others not so well known hidden by Google Play. Some are small applications with one purpose, but others are well worth. Today we will analyze one of these lesser-known applications.


The good thing is that these apps are open source, and if we are developers with ambition or curiosity can make improvements and learn from the project from Google Code page.

This little application from Google allows us to record our travels through the GPS mobile phone. With it we can see the path we do when we run, walk, or simply the path of our last trip. We view these routes both Maps and Google Earth, plus share them on our social networks. But not only saves our routes, but many other data stores detailed below.

While recording our tracks we can see different things on the screen. To begin we will always have the map by hand, with our exact position and orientation. Then we have the graphics, where we see a graph of altitude and speed depending on the overlapping distance. And finally we see the current statistics at all times, such as speed, total distance, total time, average speed and maximum, minimum elevation, maximum and increments, and finally the inclination. A whole array of data that we access during and after the path. During recording we also have the option to place markers at points of the route, and add descriptions.

After the recording of a route is saved in your phone, and we can access it at any time. For example we can do well to reach the starting point of the route to repeat, or to compare our past statistics. All our routes remain stored, and if we want we can export our extensions SD GPX, KML, CSV or TCX, for further management with other software for example. You can also access global statistics, where we see all the data together from all routes flown.

In theme settings have a lot. We can change the color of the route on the map in terms of speed, the graphs shown, the statistics that we see, even the accuracy of GPS or storage intervals of points. What’s more, the application is compatible with third-party sensors, detailed in his description of Google Play.

In summary, a simple application for those who want to initiate you into this in the outputs. It offers a lot of data, and with its latest update has improved its interface. As always with Google, is free, so before spendest the money to go running 2 days, Make use one like this that fulfills its purpose perfectly.

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