Need for Speed Most Wanted Apk Download – EA announced that the latest version of Need for Speed – Most Wanted – will be available to users Andriod this month. All the usual car damage and long familiar fleet of vehicles, ranging from Porsche, Dodge and ending Maserati, will be available in those spans. Firemonkeys involved in working with the Need for Speed Most Wanted , which is good, because the firm has extensive experience in the field of games especially after their Real Racing . The price of the game is not available, but expect something in the region of $ 6.99, as is the case with other games Firemonkeys / EA : Dead Space , Mass Effect: Infiltrator and The Sims 3 . Still it is not in doubt that the game will be worth the money, especially if you’re a big fan of racing.

Need for Speed Most Wanted entrenched in Google Play , bringing with it high expectations associated with a well-known name. The latest version of Need for Speed for Android delight players with its graphics and has all the usual racing experience. Types of races earlier: run six cars, one-on-one, test time, driving with checkpoints.

During the game, users earn points (Speed Points), which are necessary to gain access to new vehicles. The latter in turn can buy exchange earned in the game when receiving prizes, the second option – to buy for real money. Hard not to resent the fact that the developers have implemented IAP after paying seven bucks. Until now, the only configuration the car was changing its color, although directory Google Play mentions many different mods.Graphics of the game is really phenomenal. Although, when you play the Nexus 7 , the feeling that the frame rate was a bit understated, but overall it was good. Lighting is just perfect. The game has several effects such as sparks, dust, but would like to see more, especially related to water. Very well done reflection. As for the soundtrack, here too, all at the highest level, only the most hits and recognizable melodies in all races. Above the sound effects also worked quite a few. All of trying to make the most of the creating stress on the screen. Taken into account, even the little things like changing the sound of the engine when changing gear.

It is worth noting the high quality of management, although it slowed marginally, but most likely you can write it off on the Nexus 7 . Do not forget that the game is about 2GB. Steering is based on the slopes devaysa svayp up results in a faster, pressing the right side of the screen helps cornering drift. If you prefer, you can use the technique of tap-and-drag to the steering. Gameplay is directed solely at fans of racing. Accurate cornering, improved time to overcome various obstacles – the main challenges that you will face during the passage of Most Wanted , unlike other similar games, more fixated on car upgrades, bonuses, and ahead of the competition.

Need for Speed Most Wanted uses cross-platform Speedwall, that allows you to share your results with friends. Best results are listed as Most Wanted .

As for the car, in Most Wanted are well-known brands, by category.

Need for Speed Most Wanted is significantly different from all podbnyh games for Android , as tends to be more realistic. The game’s graphics are absolutely superb. One drawback – lack of multiplayer. Also here you can add the lack of any significant vehicle settings and the lack of a spectacular failure at high speeds, which would be a good addition to the realism of the game, but it’s just a game, not an attempt to recreate reality.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

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