Enjoy this crazy chick who thought he was a ninja, and the best of them. It’s objective is to demonstrate to the other chickens that he himself is a ninja. This has to overcome 30 challenging levels.

After Angry Birds leave their mark on fans of video games, now we can find sets of birds that perform incredible feats. One is Ninja Chicken for Android. This is a game in which the protagonist is a chicken that has gone mad and instead of believing Quixote, create a ninja. This chicken will then attempt to demonstrate that it has outstanding ninja skills.

Ninja Chicken, a very entertaining game

With over 25 levels of Ninja Chicken is done in a pretty good game and inviting to enjoy and so you have to put some attention to all the events that will elapse for this chicken to show everyone your not just a ninja but it is the best of all, Ninja Chicken anyone keeps playing for a long time but of course that depends on android phone you own the game changes the size and requirements, download free Ninja Chicken.
Characteristics of Ninja Chicken

The game has an excellent animation and sound quality section. You’ll have to avoid monsters and collect many different items such as fruits or coins to the next level.

In terms of gameplay, Ninja Chicken just has 2 controls, an arrow up and one down with the chicken ninja can jump to reach the objects to the next level or to avoid their enemies.

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