Plants Vs Zombies is a famous PC game that has many followers around the world. And finally, the Android version is now available. For those who do not know, I commented a little concerned the game. In Plants vs. Zombies we have a situation where some Zombies invade us to destroy us, but plants and vegetables of all kinds, we defend using their special powers. Strange is not it? But very fun!

Possibly the game Plants vs. Zombies sounds familiar, and certainly so. Take hold of the 49 types of different plants to get to defend your home from the onslaught of these evil zombies ready to devour the slightest forgetfulness. Plant your plants strategically to ensure that none of them can pass your lines.


But beware, no two alike and each zombie has its little secrets, they’re not going to reveal to chafarte not your game. But surely Plants vs Zombies Androd device will “engage” in a brutal start to play around.

The quality offered by maps and details of these undead are really high, rivaling the best flash game we may have ever played online. But relax, that Plants vs Zombies for Android is a game we do not get bored for hours and hours of play.


Plants Vs Zombies is a typical game of tower defense, here is the place to defend your home and the attackers are zombie-like caricature. More than 26 types of zombies, you’ll see poles clad with zinc cubes and cones of work for a hat, reading the newspaper, athletes … and to defend them, you’ll plant the 49 types of plants, including mushrooms find, carnivorous, explosive, that trigger snares;, double shot …Ah! sunflowers and of course, essential to increase the production of soles, which are plants that allow you to grow at a faster rate.

Select plants that are best suited to the hordes of zombies that are about to arrive. Each game can use up to six different types of plants, each time we get a level get a new plant to meet the next attack, though occasionally the fool your neighbor will visit you and give you some advice to attack enemies more efficiently.

Plants Vs Zombies is a great game, with rich graphics and music that made ​​you stay stuck in your head, making you get caught for a long time against defending your home screen of these lovely but dangerous undead.
Plants vs Zombies Features

* Use an array of 49 plants to eliminate and prevent zombies from invading your home
* Think fast and plant all kinds of plants even faster
* Play through 50 levels in Adventure Mode (Adventure Mode)
* Battle 26 types of zombies
* Requires a Wi-Fi to download.
* This application is not optimized for tablets, but works on most Android tablets (you may experience some pixelation during the game).

Plants vs Zombies does NOT work on the following devices:

* Motorola DROID (DROID works well in some DROID 2 and X), Devour, Flipside
* Samsung Transform, Intercept
* HTC Aria, MyTouch 3G
* Sony Ericsson X8
* Sanyo Zio
* Kyocera Echo
* LG Ally

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