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[Root] Triangle Away 2.37

Current Version: two.37
Needs Android: four. and up
Category: Tools
Size: 240k
What’s in this version:
– Disable E210 * support due to touchscreen troubles. Bad kernel source?
– Adjustment for AT & T Note two
– Assistance for:
– Samsung Galaxy S3 SHV-E210K/L/S
Korea- Samsung Galaxy S3 SHW-M440S Korea
– Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Korea SHV-E250K/L/S
– Samsung Galaxy Note two AT & T / SGH-I317 Canada / MSpecifics: Numerous Samsung gadgets
shop to flash counter keeps track of how That a lot of instances You have flashed * customized * firmware to your gadget. On some products, a yellow triangle or other sort of visual warning tambiĆ©n Displayed Throughout boot if you are operating a * customized * firmware. TriangleAway was developed to disable the triangle (if a visual warning is present) and reset the custom ROM flash counter to . This app requires root!You can locate out the recent status of your flash counter and firmware state (custom or official) by booting into “get mode” on MOST products. The common way of obtaining into “get mode” is by first turning off your gadget, then turning it on by pressing and holding VolDown + (House) + Electrical power. Alternatively, the “adb reboot download” command Also Usually works.

When you runTriangleAway, if your device and firmware are supported, it will demonstrate you the detected state of the binary (custom or official) and flash counter worth, and the choice to “Reset counter flash”. Please verify Shown That the data is correct prior to resetting the values.

On a amount of devices, TriangleAway can perform, but your firmware might not be supported straight. In That case, the app will inform you it requirements to reboot into a specific boot mode, Which Will be happen if you select “Reset counter flash”. The device will reboot into a specific mode will enable you to Which assessment the recent status and reset the binary and flash counter values (or abort and do absolutely nothing). On some units This Will truly trigger the counter to 1 if its – so if you happen to be “just checking” do that in get mode!

! THIS IS A Unsafe OPERATION AND COULD BRICK YOUR Gadget Potentially. PROCEED AT YOUR Own Risk. A USB JIG IS Favored IF YOU HAVE A Operating One particular!
(And I indicate brick by brick – or only to a JTAG board substitute unit will be Capable to conserve you, do not mess with boot (loader) Unless of course stuff you * truly * suggest it!)

Note # one: employing Triangle Away may unmount your SD card. Reboot or manually remount it from Android settings.

Note # two: on new units like the SGS3/SGNote2/SGNote10.1, standing can only be reset on some firmwares – They Need to be stock firmwares!

This app has been

utilised successfully on:

Samsung Galaxy S2
– GT-I9100 **

Samsung Galaxy Note
– GT-N7000 **
– GT-I9220 **

Samsung Galaxy S3
– GT-I9300
** – **
GT-I9300T – AT & T

Sprint – T-Mobile
– Verizon
– Canadia
– U.S. Cellular
– GT-I9305 **
** – GT-I9305N LTE * *
– **
SHV-E210K/L/S Korea – Korea SHW-M440S **

Samsung Galaxy Note two:
– GT-N7100
** – ** GT-N7105
LTE – Sprint SPH-L900 **
– SGH-T889 T- Mobile **
– SGH-R950 U.S. Cellular **
– SGH-I317 / M AT & T / Canada **
– Korea SHV-E250K/L/S **

Samsung Galaxy Note

ten.one ”
– GT-N8000 3G **
– GT-N801x
Wi-Fi ** – ** LTE GT-N8020
– SHW -M480S/K/W **

Samsung Galaxy Tab two
– GT-P310x 7 “3G
– GT-P311x 7” Wi-Fi
– GT-P510x 10.one “3G
– GT- P511x 10.1 “Wi-Fi

** Different connected models are supported Based on firmware, but only the exact model numbers listed are supported Regardless of firmware version.

No matter whether or not

Triangle Away works Largely depends on your kernel. Flashing a diverse kernel could make it work if it Previously did.

Please note That

Also some gadgets Set the counter to one at every boot if you are operating a customized kernel or recovery. On These gadgets, Triangle Away may always show 1 – make certain to check the current counter in download mode.

For discussion and technical facts, see the XDA-Developers.com thread right here:

Note That This Download is also readily available from That thread fully for free. You can go there and download it for free, or purchase me a beer and get it from Marketplace. It is 100% the exact same program.

[Root] Triangle Away 2.37

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