The gameplay is simple, we control a samurai who must defend his people from attack by a demonic horde ready to massacre them.

To do this we can use a variety of weapons (upgradable throughout the game), we can level up the character, we can use various skills or invoke allies to help us give hair the evil army.
Simplicity by flag

Once in flour, the game is very simple. First we make our selection for each wave of troops the skills and want to support us in every round, and once there, simply enter the level and move the hero from side to side, dodging enemies and attacking them in the proper order. Apart from that we can only rely on our allies (using for this leadership points increase as time passes) and skills, although we will have the brains to get estrujarnos organize the right way and get hold off the hordes and roll them back.

Improvements in abundance

As we progress in levels you can get coins to exchange for improvements to the character, the Allies, interactive elements, weapons and skills. Besides needing the silver that we find in the levels, we can use to find gold coins in certain levels, which can be obtained by downloading the games developer, buying them directly to the developer (in-game, not my favorite, actually) or getting them in the Pachinko mini-game that included in the game.

Second chances (or third, or fourth …)

I must admit that at first I was a little escamaba each new level, and each new improvement would more and more expensive, because I thought that, as in many games of other companies, it was just an excuse to force players to go through box to enjoy the entire game. However people of Glu Mobile has worked well for us to enjoy all the features of the game, because if we fall at a charge removed part of the reward assigned to it, so that as we try more times, improvements we can make us more suited to the challenges of each level. And all this without spending a euro, which further enhances the impression of the game.

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