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Skater Boy Free Download for Android, PC, Windows xp, Windows7, Mac

Skater Boy is an entertaining game for Android free skate with simple operation at the same addictive.

The application presented today is Skater Boy, an addictive, fun and free Google can be found in Play. Skater Boy is a game developed by RUNNER GAMES and whose goal is to reach the finish line Skater dodging, jumping, getting points and trophies along the way.

Operation is simple and intuitive, there are two areas on the screen: with a given speed skate and another jump. The combination hop count and speed will cause the use of different tricks like Ollie, Shove it …

Skater Boy Skater boy 3, guaranteed fun with this addictive game

The game has 3 screens (Town, Forest and Cemetery), each with 30 levels full of obstacles, fun and speed. During the levels will have to collect stars (which provide points) and trophies, having 5 lives (if just on one level, there have to start that level).

The interface is simple, a highly successful 2D and simple colorful and well-defined forms. In short, Skater Boy is a game easy to handle, simple, successful and fun.
Skater Boy In basically you have two controls: pressing the left side of the screen you impulses foot to gain speed and jump right in and you do tricks. With these two controls, you’ll need to overcome the obstacles that appear and collecting more stars and better drinks.

Skater Boy includes 90 levels in three different scenarios (city, forest and cemetery), and although it can become somewhat repetitive, you will have a good time.