StabilityTest (ROOT optional) 2.7

What is in this version:
2.7: Fixed scaling check for quad core devices, ability to manually select frequency scaling variety, displays requested frequency setting (SoC Identifying Helps thermal throttles).
2.5: Native support for: ARMv5TE, ARMv7-A, ARMv7-A + NEON, MIPS, X86 INTEL (this significantly Increases Linpack benefits on modern day platforms).
2.4: Eliminated advertisements & world wide web permission, native MFLOPS estimation (linpackc), exhibiting frequencies as an alternative of bogomips, much better compatibility for GPU test, quadcore assistance.

New: Native assistance & optimization for ARMv5TE, ARMv7-A, ARMv7-A + NEON, MIPS, X86 INTEL.
StabilityTest is a CPU, GPU, RAM/memory pressure-testing instrument for your gadget, Whether or not stock and unrooted (limited functionality) or rooted and overclocked with SetCPU, SetVsel or equivalent equipment.

It Also Comes With per core or mixed native MFLOPS linpackc calculation to measure your raw CPU performance.

The cpu employee performs mathematical calculations (“prime crunching”) in native code and verifies the final results, even though the ram employee does hefty c memcpy operations in native code in a diverse thread.

– Classic StabilityTest for unrooted units (Enough to verify your device’s stability)
– Scaling StabilityTest for rooted gadgets (useful to test undervolting, overclocking and underclocking settings)
– CPU + GPU StabilityTest for unrooted units (check Both the stability & accuracy of your SoC’s CPU and GPU)
– Native MFLOPS estimation (Linpack/linpackc) per core Both or mixed
– Background Mode (StabilityTest can now run in background and With The display turned off, except for the CPU/GPU mode)
– Dual & Quadcore support

NOTE THAT the CPU+GPU check Tends to be significantly less correct for CPU related instabilities Because portion of the cpu electrical power is eaten by opengl and Malthus can not be verified.

Immediately reports errors and saves a log if the gadget crashes.

If you want to overclock your gadget check your settings With This device!

If you want a rough estimation of your raw, native CPU power, try the created-in MFLOPS benchmark (Either per core or combined).

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