Stupid Zombies is back, and are the last hope of mankind to keep them without a brain. But beware, ammo is limited so you need to get crafty and use of straight bullets, grenades, divided and buckshots of the most effective way to survive the 480 levels.

Stupid Zombies is a puzzle game for Android where you have to be cold and calculating to release each level of zombies using limited resources. We will not mindless hordes that come to us to steal the brain, but since we preserve, we must use it to find the best strategy.

The zombies remain static in various parts of the screen and destroy them all is part of the puzzle that must be solved.
Presentation. At first it seems that Stupid Zombies do not have much to offer and quickly go to uninstall it. But after trying the first levels we realize we have something good in hand. And is that the game level after level requires us to improve ourselves to find a solution to the problem that we face. One problem with stupid zombies, of course.

The target. Our main goal is to destroy all the zombies with the shots available from a static position. So far it may seem easy (although there are levels that we can not say the same), but the real challenge is to do with the fewest possible shots. Moreover, it is best done with a single shot, as the bullets bounce off the walls a few times and we can use this to our advantage.

Design. After quietly spending the first few levels, we see that the subject begins to complicate. Zombies appear behind walls that bullets can not pass, we will have to move boxes to crush, fuel drums that explode at the slightest touch, we will use all available tools to kill each of them. We may even throw grenades from time to time.

Levels. After passing a level killing everyone, we have a medal by the amount of ammunition that we used. And we will have to pass level after level in order to access the new. The prerequisite is to kill all the zombies, so use the minimum amount of ammunition possible is a matter of skill. We have 480 levels to survive, grouped in 4 different scenarios. Each proposes a challenge that will absorb.

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