Viber Android has reached with this application you can talk on the phone and send free messages to all contacts who have also installed this application on your mobile phone.

Viber was primarily created for iPhone but luckily we have also come to Android, hopefully, why be limited only to cool but if Android iPhone?

No matter where you are or where your friends are, Spain, London, India, has no restrictions, just have to have Viber installed on your phone and have internet connection and you can talk for free as you like, call voice or text message, you choose.

Unlike applications like Skype, Windows Live Messenger or Fring on the need to “add friends” and have it approved, Viber behaves as a phone. You just have to have the phone number in your address book, and the application automatically indetificará which of your contacts also use Viber, so you can start calling you by phone, and send text messages free.

In addition Viber uses the latest technology to ensure the sound quality you get is much better than GSM or a regular phone call. (I’ve checked and the truth is that the call quality is much better than for example the Skype or Nimbuz)

When installing the application will prompt you to enter the prefix of your country and your phone number which will send a validation code to use Viber,! AND NOW! to talk for free!!

The application has 5 tabs are the different options available to the application:

Recents: will display the call history, sent, received, missed, let him of any call history,
Contacts: In which you will see 3 tabs up more, which are: “Viber” shows the contacts you have on your agenda that have Viber installed so you can talk with absolutely free with voice or text message. “All” shows you your entire address book, and “favorites” to add your favorite numbers and do not waste time searching on the agenda.
Keypad: It shows you a keypad to caller dials the phone number
Messages: Here we show the history of text messages you’ve had, if you click on the number of contact, you can read them again and if you want to continue to send and receive messages (such as watsapp going …)
More: This will take you to another menu where you can view and configure other aspects of the application Viber, invite friends, share on Facebook, send a tweet, the privacy policy, deactivate your account, and configuration options.

Another aspect I like about Viber is that when you send a text message, you come in the form of instant popup, which you can answer in the same or to enter chat popup to see the entire conversation.

From experience I can safely say that if you are looking for an application to speak for free speech, Viber is the most audio quality of the conversation has at least is what I’ve noticed more, do not hesitate to try it, I leave APRA few images that cast ye eye.

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