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3. 修复 使用 点 划 / 双键 布局 时 无法 保存 笔画 输入 模式 的 问题
April. 修复 在 部分 场景 下 切换 键盘 时 中文 页 显示 为 空 的 问题
May possibly. 修复 部 界面 修饰 性 问题 Details:
IFLYTEK Voice Input, as a wise input strategy for mobile phone, is Launched by IFLYTEK cloud primarily based on iFLY voice. It has won 1st place prize in competition AppSpace companion with Global Mobile World wide web Conference 2011.

The software Integrates

speech recognition, handwriting recognition and keyboard entry. With patented algorithm style, ingeniously Voice Input iFLY realizes seamless integration of handwriting and keyboard entry in the same interface, therefore Efficiently Expands the applicable population of the Software and Substantially Improves the pace text input in mobile cellphone.

Functions & Features:

– Sets voice, handwriting and keyboard input as a single function, simple to Deal With numerous situations.

– The world’s top intelligent speech technology, voice input will be more convenient.

– Horizontal and Vertical display display stack to publish, handwriting input is arbitrary.

– 9-square grid and sliding complete keyboard switch, keyboard input is useful.

Download Voice Input IFLYTEK 01/03/1319