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Vtok For PC Free Download On Windows 7, XP, Mac, Android And iPhone

Today let’s see Vtok, a application which is said that through which you can do Google video chat on your Android, iPhone or even on PC.

First of all the maker itself says they are not related to Google. The maker says “You can make free video and voice calls to any or all your Google contacts once they use Google Video and Voice Chat™ on their own Apple computers and PC (Personal Computers) or once they use Vtok on their own mobile products.”

The features they say are as follows:

  1. Video and voice calls to Google Video and Voice Chat™ customers along with other Vtok mobile customers.
  2. No account to sign-up. Just login together with your Google/gmail account and begin speaking
  3. Works over Wi-Fi and 3rd generation
  4. Products supported are Android products running OS version 5.1 or later.
  5. Mix platform application. You may also call Vtok customers on iPhone4, apple iphone 3GS and also the fourth generation ipod device Touch.
  6. Choose if you should use video inside a call. You may also enable or disable video throughout a phone call
  7. Choose from back and front camera in your device
  8. Keep in touch and receive calls, even if the application is closed and gone to live in the backdrop
  9. Call your buddies on the Mac or perhaps a PC ?
  10. Vtok customers can call customers of Google Video and Voice Chat customers on the Mac or perhaps a PC. All they need to do is use a browser wordpress plugin from:  http://www.google.com/chat/video

vtok for PC

Our Review:


The application works pretty much overall, with simply a couple of issues: After We minimize after which reopen the application, a popup asking “Copy text to clipboard” pops up. We click “No”, and the other identical popup pops up. This popup seems three occasions consecutively after which it’s gone until I minimize and reopen the application again.

We love the interface, but I must see more options in the “Contacts” screen. Basically select a contact to, We merely get four options- “Chat”, “Email”, “Voice”, and “Video”. This really is fine, with the exception that it doesn’t take into account multiple telephone numbers per contact. Basically choose “Voice”, it does not produce a range of which approach to give them a call (i.e. telephone, mobile phone, work phone, etc.). To operate for this, We can turn to the “Keyboard” screen and choose the “Contacts” icon. Then We are permitted to select which telephone number to require a particular contact. We believe this really is great, but Let us have this method around the Contacts screen itself. We’d like to have the ability to conserve a separate VTok contacts list. Presently, it really pulls all of the contacts that the iPad understands. This can be acceptable for some customers, but Let us possess a separate list. Another minor problem. We do not believe that VTok must stop my music from playing when We do text talking with someone. We realize this selection for voice/video calls, although not text chat. We give this application a 4-star rating. Works pretty much, but needs a bit more try to have that extra star.


You’d think, in line with the title of the application, the software programs are in some way associated with Google. Not a chance! Rather, you’ll be generating your whole Google account, password and all sorts of, to a 3rd party which will now get access to your Google A/c, your Google paperwork, your Gmail, as well as your entire Google address book. Wow! Something ain’t that good.

So what when the application works or otherwise, when you are basically handing within the secrets for your Google house for use by any means shape or form? we might have been willing to enroll in this particular service when they demonstrated a little of truth in advertising within their Application Store listing but thinking about the absence of honesty, all of us could be smart to err along the side of caution and not simply willy nilly give our entire online existence to the Tom, Dick or Harry, who transpires with placed their product around the Application Store shelves. Discretion dictates that people not purchase miracle traffic bot, and our Google account between ourselves and also the good people at google. If, with the title of the product, this type of person likely to mislead you into thinking their application is in some way associated with google, who’s to state they will not be equally dishonest after you have given them your google password.

We count ourself as lucky which Which became of read well in to the small print where they finally tell you just how even though you’re needed to go online making use of your Google account info, you’re brought to think these hucksters are connected with Google.

Finally it worked for many people but could be think twice to giveaway your login password after downloading this application on your PC or smart phones.

If you still want to use it here are links to use it on your Android, iPhone or PC.

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